August 2015


It's crazy, we are already 2 weeks into the Summer Holidays. I know we always hate to be reminded but time is flying, be sure to make the most of this time.

Our Summer Camp is underway this week. It's awesome and for the parents that took advantage of it, this is a real turning point for the kids attending, the transition on the 1st day was amazing. There are students varying from 5 to 12 years old. Just having extra time available to recognise and address areas requiring attention on the spot really makes a whole difference. The student's confidence and enthusiasm have already sky rocketed.

Through the week, students will attend sessions, equivalent to a full Semester of classes and still have most of the time directed at fun activities.

Going forward, I really see great value in these sessions and will definitely make more available. Maybe we need something like this for the adults too :)

After the Summer break we will be introducing the New classes I have mentioned over the last few emails.

Little Dragons (3-5)
This age group is oftentimes not quite ready for Little Samurai but ready to start a class with a little structure. The class is more designed to give a real fun introduction and develop Gross Motor skills, whilst learning the very basics of Martial Arts.

Junior Leaders (10-17)
This is intended for students who have completed the Junior Ju Jitsu program and have those skills under their belt, it would also be suitable for older kids who join the club and not ready for the adult group. The Junior Leaders will learn the full adult Ju Jitsu Syllabus but as a group of their own. They will also learn additional related training skills with the focus pads, punch bags, speed ball etc

Adult Belt Level Sessions
One Saturday Every month we will concentrate on 1 belt level, covering every single technique for that level.

Additional Adult Class
Here we'll concentrate on Grappling, Sparring and training drills. We need to keep the other 2 sessions technical based to learn and practice techniques. This is the session you've all been asking for :)

Adult Fitness Program
Run over 3 consecutive days. This will also be available to people who do not attend the Adult Ju Jitsu Classes but want to get in or stay in great shape. This class combines Cardio, Resistance, basic Martial Arts techniques, dynamic and static stretching. We've had some tremendous testimonials with this class in the past so I'm excited to get it started again.

Well I better get on with my day and prepare for Summer Camp day 2. We still have space there if you want to come along to any of the days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

See you in class :)
Sensei Malcolm Bale
All the Very Best

Sensei Malcolm
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