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Our Martial Fitness Classes are not only fun to keep you motivated and coming back for more but the exercises are super effective to help improve your strength and overall fitness. We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of our Free Trial Offer.

Regardless of the shape you are in, Contact Us to see how we can help you. We have many options available form Private Classes, Small and Large Group Exercise.


Cadio Exercise

Bag work, Pad Work, Cardio Karate, Skipping, Shadow Sparring, Focus Pads


Resistance Exercise

Functional and Body Resistance Exercises. Great for strengthening the body and burning unwanted fat.



We carry out a series of effective stretches, and important element for maintaining overall structural health.

Testimonials From Former Students

"I am Feeling a Million Times Better" -
"I wanted to say " A Big Thanks" for the great program, I have really enjoyed the last 10 weeks. 
I am feeling a million times better and hope to keep it going....I am sure you have not seen the last of me.

I am amazed at the results, I have to say I got better result's this time then last...I am anxious to see the before and after photo's"....

Sandra Sobb
Adult Fitness Classes

"My Doctor Actually Shook My Hand" -
"My Doctor actually shook my hand and said he had never seen such a drastic change in a persons health...

I started training in Ju Jitsu 6 months ago. Having been severely overweight (100 pound plus) I was somewhat reluctant to begin any kind of regiment that would interfere with my less than healthy lifestyle. Fortunately I started a new job where I got to know Sensei Malcolm. 
After about 6 months of prodding by him, and procrastinating by myself, I decided to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

When I started I had the usual fears of starting a new program with a lot of people who had been there longer and had more training than myself, but the fears were soon put to rest by the helpfulness of the people that I thought I would feel intimidated by. Not only were they eager to help, but they also gave me the confidence to pursue a complete change in my life as well as my attitude towards it. 
Maybe someday you may see my story in a book, with the foreword being a tribute to Sensei Malcolm, they also helped me develop a better nutritional plan than the fast food one that I had taught myself, and the other students who constantly surprise me with their support. 
Drop by the club and feel free to talk Sensei Malcolm or myself about the complete life change that I have achieved with the help of this training.

If you knew me then and now you wouldn't believe it, I still have trouble doing so. And if I can do it so can you. 
Just a footnote, after getting a physical examination after training for only 4 months, my Doctor actually shook my hand and said he had never seen such a drastic change in a persons health, which by the way he said is now perfect". 
Thank you,

Alex Wilson

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We look forward to helping you get back into great shape
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