Referral Program

Referral Program

We have introduced a Referral Program so you will be credited for referring people to any of our kids or adult programs - basically reducing your fees for referring people to any of our programs including private Lessons or even our School programs.

You will also benefit from bringing in Sponsors to the Club as we are always in need of new equipment such as punching bags, striking shields, Mats, Padding and so on....

The new classes present an ideal opportunity to spread the word and bring new people in to the club

  • Little Dragons ( 3 - 5 )
  • Little Samurai ( 5 - 7 )
  • Junior Ju Jitsu ( 7 - 12 )
  • Junior Leaders ( 12 - 17 )
  • Adult Ju Jitsu 
  • Adult Fitness

  • Before / After School Programs
  • Private Ju Jitsu Lessons
  • Private Fitness Sessions
  • Semi-Private Ju Jitsu Lessons ( Small Groups )
  • Sponsorship

The idea is to share some of the workload as so much time and effort is spent advertsing.

Basically we will reduce your fees by £5 per month for each person you refer to the club for as long as they remain a paying member.
We will also deduct any sponsor monies raised or referred off the back end of your fees for the year.

Help Spread the word by sharing our flyers, sharing posts on Facebook or good old fashioned face to face conversation :)

Click on the images below to Download Flyers you can print off and hand out, or post in strategic locations like Shops, Post Office, Chip Shops, Offices, Schools etc You can even post it on Facebook ;)

Flyer 1

Ju Jitsu Rugby Flyer

Flyer 2

Ju Jiktsu Rugby Flyer
Send This Link for Our Kids Classes to Friends, Family and Colleagues or even post the link on your Facebook Profile :-
Martial Arts Kids
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