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We'll Be Holding a KIDS END OF TERM HOLIDAY CLUB in December

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Free Womens Self Defence Courses

free self defence course for women
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Martial Arts in Rugby, Fitness Classes & Ju Jitsu in Rugby

Kids Martial Arts

Adult Ju Jitsu

Adult Fitness Classes

Your Child Safer, Fitter, More Confidence & Focus.

Discipline, Self Discipline, Respect, Focus, Excellence, Integrity & Commitment.

Students in our program are here because parents want a challenging activity for them. They learn new skills in Martial Arts, Safety, Personal Values & Fitness....
Learn to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

Get Yourself in Great Shape and learn some great Ju Jitsu skills.

Martial Arts dates back thousands of years. Despite the way it is portrayed, the true practice of martial arts will NOT encourage violent behaviour....
Get Yourself in Great Shape.

The key to looking & feeling your best is regular exercise. 

Our fitness program combines cardio, resistance and flexibility training designed to keep you motivated & achieve your great results....
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We Have Programs for Kids and Adults
Pride of Rugby

Pride of Rugby Finalist 2016

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