competition class

Competition Class

If you are already a member of our Ju Jitsu Classes, there are no additional fees to pay for these extra classes.
  • Juniors - Wednesdays 6:15pm
  • Teens and Adults - Mondays 7:15pm
Competition training is a very rewarding experience.It also gives students an additional goal to aim for. Training will help boost confidence and also help students get in great shape.

Although there are no additional fees for existing Members, there is some personal equipment required. This is mainly due to personal hygiene. Although we do have equipment you can use, it is advised you purchase your own -

Equipment does need to be of a specific type in-line with the tournaments we enter so be sure to purchase through the club. The cost can be spread over a number of weeks if necessary.

Essential -
Head Guard - £22
Gloves - £20
Shin Guards - £18
Foot Pads - £20
Gum Shield - £3
Groin Protector - £10
Chest Protector (Ladies) - £18

Also Required -
Skipping Rope - £7
Hand Wraps - £6
Competition Uniform - £30
License - £25 per year

Training includes - Punch Bag Work, Focus Pads, Skipping, practicing Techniques and Combinations, Shadow sparring, Footwork, Floor exercise, Sparring and Grappling.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

All The Very Best

Sensei Malcolm
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