Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts Classes

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Please Note - Teenagers (13 - 17) Follow Our Adult Ju Jitsu Program -Yet, remain as a group

It can be a tough job to get kids away from the computer, the game console or TV. Kids these days spend more time laying around obsessed with playing computer games, texting and constantly on Social media. As a result health and fitness takes a tumble and obesity in kids has become a serious problem.

Our Focus is to Help Your Child, through a combination of physical and mental training. Studies have shown that Martial Arts can increase a child's ability to focus, leading to better grades and ultimately a brighter future.

The Positive Messages in Martial Arts helps to channel excess energy. Many families notice a change in their child's attitude, at home, at school and outside.

It's Great Fun to ensure the kids want to come back- week after week. We also provide great value in the form of Essential Safety Skills Your children need to know, Personal Values all kids need and Martial Arts Skills that will ensure Bullies go lurk elsewhere.

Join Before May 31st and we'll even give you a FREE Uniform.

We'll Help Your Kids Become Safer, Fitter and Better Behaved!

Our Classes Cover 4 Main Areas:
  • Safety Awareness
  • Personal Values
  • Fun Fitness Games
  • Martial Arts Techniques
We have a great program available for you, we incorporate life skills into our program which will have a long lasting positive effect on our children.

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We have classes available for:
Ju Jitsu is a Life Skill ! As a parent, I think it's really important kids learn to protect themselves. Just like you would teach your kids to swim, it's just as important kids learn other skills. We are not always with our kids, we never know what's going to happen so giving them the tools and information to help identify danger and protect themselves, I think is very important.

Our 3-5 Year olds are given a real fun introduction to Martial Arts to give them a long lasting positive attitude towards being active. We help develop gross motor skills, coordination and fitness through fun games, We also teach safety awareness in a safe, fun environment, helping kids to learn some of the Golden Rules of Safety.

Our 5-7 Year Olds class is essentially based around "Stranger Danger". We still give a fun introduction to Martial Arts through fun and games, teach personal values like Discipline, Focus and so on but it's really about teaching children to be more aware and the dangers that are brought to them by adults, regardless of who that adult may be. Kids of this age do not really get into fights as such, it's adults who would target kids in this age group. Far too often we read in the Newspapers or hear on the News about kids being adbucted or victimised by adults. Our aim is to prevent that from happening wherever we can. Helping Kids to identify or recognise those situations is a main part of our emphasis. 

Our program for 8 - 12 Year Olds starts teaching them more about Ju Jitsu and protecting themselves. Our Program covers Striking, Kicking and Throws like you'd see in Judo, however, we present it slightly different as it's more about how to react if grabbed, held, bear hugged etc and how they can stop that other person, get them to the ground to be able to run away and stay safe.

Our Junior Leaders Program (Teenagers) follows the Adult syllabus in a Junior `environment. It is about Effective Self Defence, learning to protect yourself and give you the confidence if you were attacked or assaulted in an unprovoked attack. Self Confidence, Fitness, Respect for yourself and others. There also the other values which are a bi-product of continued Martial Arts Training - Discipline, Self Discipline, Focus, Commitment and so on.

The Main Focus of Our Ju Jitsu School is to teach people how to protect themselves or keep themselves safe, we don't know in real-life who our assailant may be so we teach you how to protect yourself with effective Self Defence techniques and strategies.

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We are a validated learning destination for children's University

Here's What Our Parents Are Saying....
"Our Son Has blossomed at Ju Jitsu..."

We went along for a trial based on a friends feedback, had a couple of trial sessions, and he hasn't looked back since.
The classes are well planned, run, instil self confidence, and most important of all are fun for all of the children involved.
Each child is encouraged to achieve at their own level, whilst learning the self discipline necessary to succeed within the wider class framework.
We have recommended Rugby Ju Jitsu to other parents, and will continue to do so....

Helen Owens
"Ju-Jitsu is teaching him to focus..."

I wanted to find a martial art which I thought would be most beneficial to my 6 year old son for self-defence for now and the future.
Ju-Jitsu is already teaching him how to focus, have discipline and respect in what he is doing even away from class. His mental as well as physical fitness is improving all the time.
He is progressing well under the watchful eye of Sensei Malcolm Bale who encourages all students to do their best at all times.

Richard Guryn
"They Learn Strong Values That Will Help Them Throughout Their Lives! "

I am so happy both my kids are attending Ju Jitsu Rugby Little Dragons classes. The new skills have been so wonderful for them! They both LOVE the environment!
Sensei Malcolm teaches my kids, not only how to defend themselves, but strong values that will help them throughout their entire lives! I highly recommend Ju Jitsu Rugby for kids and adults..

Miks Vizbulis
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