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Striking Shield
Can You Help?

We are introducing a new Martial Arts based Fitness Program in January which will prove very popular. We have some superb testimonials through a similar program we offered in the past.  
We are also introducing a fitness program for our competitive kids and another 'affordable' or free session for local kids. A fun session to help build an appetite for kids to be active.

Early in the new year, we'll be starting an over 60's low intensity program and with all the boomers looking to stay fitter and healthier, its already creating some interest. 

We are looking for a little support and In return we can offer some good local advertising for you in the form of Big Thankyou's in the local Newspapers and Radio, our Facebook page, Website and our Weekly Club Newsletter. Also ongoing advertising in our photos / videos with your logos appearing on the equipment maybe.

We are basically looking for sponsors for a few tackle wedges and striking bags.

You can make donations using the 'Donate' link below, even a small donation would be most appreciated. Thankyou
I have no doubt this will work out well for all involved. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions

All the best

Sensei Malcolm - Instructor
Sensei Malcolm Bale
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