First Aid

First Aid For Martial Arts Training

Having a proficient level of first aid training isn’t just common sense – it’s essential.

You’re working with adults and children in a very physical and sometimes somewhat dangerous environment. Knowing what to do should the worse happen is about more than just your duty of care – it’s a moral obligation.

We require all of our instructors to hold a sufficient level of first aid training in order to obtain an instructor’s license and can provide you with a discounted option for obtaining martial arts based first aid training.

Discounted Online Martial Arts Specific First Aid Training, Exclusively To Ju Jitsu Rugby Members

We want to help our members become responsible, professional instructors and provide an exclusive Members discount for martial arts specific online first aid training, which comes with external certification and is endorsed by our insurance providers as a valid form of first aid training.

This recommended e-course usually costs £29.95+VAT however Ju Jitsu Rugby members can enjoy an exclusive discount, reducing costs to just £19.95+VAT.

To Claim Your Discount - Type   UK-JJR   at the Checkout
First Aid for Martial Arts
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