Junior Jitsuka

Junior Ju Jitsu Program

Your kids - Fitter, Safer and Better Behaved!

The Junior Ju Jitsu Program is intended for children 7 to 12 years old and incorporates 4 main areas right into the Syllabus -

Safety Awareness - Students are taught "The Golden Rules of Safety".

Personal Values - Children learn the simple meaning of several Values and how they apply to them, not only in the Dojo but at home, at school and outside.

Fun Fitness Games - Our Goal is to make it enough fun for the kids to want to come back the following week and to provide enough value for parents to want to bring them back.

Martial Arts Techniques - Our Syllabus covers basic Martial Arts Techniques and goes a little further than the Little Samurai Program, teaching Ju Jitsu Escapes, Take-Downs and Dynamic Breakfalls.

Junior Jitsuka
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