Little Samurai Program Respect

Little Samurai Program

The Module of Respect

  Switch Stance
  Sliding Snap Punch
  Double Punch 
  Elbow Strike to Rear
  Shin Kick– Rear Leg
  Downward Forearm Block– Front Arm
  Back Breakfall From Sitting
See Video Below

Safety Awareness
  Keep Your Distance!
Keep about 10ft away from a Stranger approaching you. That is about the same distance as the length of a car.
If they take a step towards you, you take 2 back.
If they come towards you quickly you RUN

Personal Values
  What is Respect?
To treat other people in the same way that you would like to be treated or treat them like they're special

Japanese Terminology
  Rei / Hai
Rei  - (Ray) - Bow
Hai - (Hi)    - Yes
Hai Sensei - (Hi Sen-say) - Yes Teacher
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