Program for Schools

Program For Schools

School Program
We can run this as either a during school Program or after school program

Your kids - Fitter, Safer and Better Behaved!

The Little Samurai Program is intended for children 4 to 7 years old and incorporates 4 main areas right into the Syllabus -

Safety Awareness - Students are taught "The Golden Rules of Safety".

Personal Values - Children learn the simple meaning of several Values and how they apply to them, not only in the Dojo but at home, at school and outside.

Fun Fitness Games - Our Goal is to make it enough fun for the kids to want to keep coming back the following week and to provide enough value for parents to want to bring them back.

Martial Arts Techniques - Our Syllabus covers basic Martial Arts Techniques

Little Samurai

"I wanted to find a martial art which I thought would be most beneficial to my 6 year old son for self-defence for now and the future. Ju-Jitsu is already teaching him how to focus, have discipline and respect in what he is doing even away from class. His mental as well as physical fitness is improving all the time. He is progressing well under the watchful eye of Sensei Malcolm Bale who encourages all students to do their best at all times. He mixes both fun and games with Ju-Jitsu training discipline, which seems to work well as my son looks forward every Tuesday to turning up (even early so as to help with the mats !).

As a parent I realise that this is a long term effort, years not weeks or months, of continuous effort and welcome Sensei Malcolm Bale's continuous reminders of what we need to do at home as well as for training days, if you want your child to progress.

I would recommend Ju Jitsu Rugby to people who want their child to be able to learn respect, focus and discipline that will be with them for their life".

Richard Guryn

"Our son has blossomed at Rugby Ju Jitsu. We went along for a trial based on a friends feedback, had a couple of trial sessions, and he hasn't looked back since.

The classes are well planned, run, instil self confidence, and most important of all are fun for all of the children involved.

Each child is encouraged to achieve at their own level, whilst learning the self discipline necessary to succeed within the wider class framework.

We have recommended Rugby Ju Jitsu to other parents, and will continue to do so".

Helen Owens

"My son is loving it. You can see how much the children enjoy it and I'm enjoying watching too! Malcolm is a brilliant coach. Can't wait til next week :-)"

Jayne Head

"Rugby Ju Jitsu is a great place for teaching your kids how to defend themselves. Malcolm is a fantastic Sensei, with the patience of a saint and the skills of an entertainer the kids really enjoy his classes. My own son has more confidence and respect for others since coming here."

Nick Chamberlain

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