Stop The Bully

Stop The Bully

Bullying has always been a problem and always will be but that does NOT mean we have to put up with it by any means.

We cannot be with our kids all the time so to prepare them with knowledge and confidence on how to react is an essential life-skill all kids should be taught.

It is heartbreaking to find out your kids are being bullied and to think about the torment and fear they have to go through. It is important that we help them deal with it in an effective manner. That doesn't mean teaching them to fight, although some simple skills do go a long way in building confidence, knowing they can defend themselves should the need arise.

We hold "Stop The Bully" Classes every few weeks, it is FREE to attend. Just let us know you are interested in coming along to one and we will keep you posted each time we hold a course.

The classes are fun too, it's the best way to teach kids even on such serious topics

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