The Adult Ju Jitsu Program

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  • 11 Aug, 2015

Discover Effective Self Defence Techniques Through Our Adult Ju Jitsu Program

There are several styles of Martial Arts available locally. If you are looking specifically for   Jiu Jitsu Classes, great we can help you. However, most people do not know one art from another or the difference between various styles.
Adult Ju Jitsu Program

I'm sure you have some pre-conceived ideas   but i'm sure it's not quite like you expect. The best thing you can do is go along to classes and give them a go for yourself. Some arts will be aimed at competition, some very traditional and others like our own Jiu Jitsu Classes are dedicated to effective Self Defence.

You may think that training in a competitive Martial Arts   will give you the necessary skills for you to defend yourself if you were attacked. To a degree you would be correct. However, there are also many differences which make it unsuitable in many situations.

Yes, some of the strikes, throws and take-downs would be very similar   but what happens when an attacker is twice your size, twice your weight and much stronger? What happens when that attacker grabs you, picks you up in the air, grabs your hair and throws you to the ground, or even starts to tear off your clothes as he has you pinned to the ground? There's no referee, there's nobody in your corner, there's no crowd to protect you, it's just you. What if the attacker has a knife at your throat? What happens after he's already broken your wrists or fingers, blood pouring from your broken nose? there's nobody to throw the towel in for you!

You see, self defence training will help you   to increase awareness and avoid situations. If you find yourself up against and aggressive person, you can learn to de escalate or diffuse the situation, there's no ego at stake, what's important is your personal safety and getting you home safely to your family. If you have to use your self defence skills, you have to learn to keep a clear head as much as possible and use skills which will end the situation very quickly. There are NO rules you have to abide by either. So you learn quick and dirty techniques to help end the attack in the 3 seconds or less. You see, the longer it drags on, the more the odds stack up against you.

The Skills you will learn in Jiu Jitsu Classes are designed for effective self defence and consist only of Gross Motor Skills. These are simple body movements virtually all people are capable of performing. They are not learned over months or years, these are movements you are already capable of performing, it's a really important part because if techniques consist of Fine Motor Skills, more complex or learned movements, these simply cannot be recalled by the majority of people in a high stress situation like that of an attack.

Our Jiu Jitsu Classes teach super effective skills   that can be learned by virtually anyone, regardless of age, gender or size.

Ju Jitsu Rugby Blog

By admin 17 Jul, 2017

Allowing your children to spend the summer holidays indoors watching hours of videos instead of playing and exercising outdoors could be setting them up for long-term health problems, according to researchers.

They’ve found children’s fitness levels drop over the course of the summer holidays , so they often return to school in September overweight and with significantly lower cardiorespiratory fitness. This could have a severe long-term health impact for them, raising the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, a study by scientists at the UK Active health charity and the University of Essex has found.

Study leader Dr Steven Mann , of UK Active and Coventry University, said: “Being inactive as a child sets a dangerous precedent on a number of levels.

“As well as being linked to impaired physical development, shorter attention span and lower grades, an inactive childhood means that person faces a much higher risk of deadly diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type-II diabetes in later lif e.”

The study tracked the fitness and weight of more than 400 children aged nine and 10 in 13 primary schools across north-west England over a 13-month period. Researchers found fitness increased and body mass index (BMI) fell throughout the school year, from September of 2014 until July 2015. But those improvements were all but wiped out during the summer holidays. By the time they returned to school in the autumn of 2015, they were more likely to be unfit and overweight.

Experts are worried that obesity is becoming normalised in Britain with 20% of children starting primary school at age four already overweight and 33% overweight by the time they start secondary school at age 11.

What’s more, children in Britain are among the least active in the world . Government advice says children should do at least an hour of moderate intensity physical activity per day, but just 15% of girls and 22% of boys aged 11 to 15 in England manage this. Only one in three are doing any organised sport outside of school.

Dr Mann said , "Movement has been stripped out of modern living, meaning Generation Inactive are driven to school and fed a staple diet of sofa play and screen time while being starved of outdoor activities.”

Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England , has urged families to change their behaviour to incorporate exercise. He said exercise has been shown to cut 3% of strokes, prevent 30% cases of dementia, 30 % of osteoporosis, radically reduce breast cancers and bowel cancers, prevent depression, reduce stress, and eliminate type 2 diabetes.

He said - “If you could pack exercise into a magic pill, it would be a pharmaceutical blockbuster,” .

About Ju Jitsu Rugby
Ju Jitsu Rugby offers Martial Arts Classes for Children ,  Martial Arts Classes For Adults and Adult Fitness Classes in Newbold-on- Avon, Rugby. To find out more call - 01788 220 172 or visit our website -

Ju Jitsu Rugby also run School Holiday Camps - Designed to Give Your Kids a Safe and Active Summer. If you would like to find out more, visit -

By admin 18 May, 2016
Ju Jitsu offers many benefits for kids, ranging from effective Self Defence Skills which on their own can help boost confidence significantly. There's also the health benefits - Becoming fitter, stronger, more flexible, reducing stress and controlling weight.

The Junior Programs still incorporate Safety Awareness, Personal Values and Fun Fitness along with the Martial Arts Skills.

Learning Ju Jitsu is challenging which makes it very rewarding. The help on offer from Instructors and fellow students is very commendable, it makes for a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere which new students find very welcoming.

Young students (under 8) Can join our Kids Martial Arts Program which is very broad and fun based whilst teaching essential skills. The Junior Ju Jitsu program starts to reach more specific Ju Jitsu Skills - Strikes, Throws, Take-Downs and Hold-Downs.

To find out more about our Junior Ju Jitsu Program use the Contact button above or call 01788 220172

By admin 13 May, 2016
There are many different types of Martial Arts available in Rugby

  • BJJ
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Krav maga
  • MMA
  • Taekwondo
  • Tai Chi
  • Tang Soo Do

Everyone is looking for something a little different and some people are not sure what they are looking for. So best option would be to go and take a Free Trial at the Clubs and see for yourself, most clubs will give you a Free Trial so be sure to take advantage of it. See what the classes are like, see how you fit in amongst the other students and see how you feel about the Instructor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

Sensei Malcolm Bale - Ju Jitsu Rugby

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