August 2015


I've decided on a slightly different approach with the weekly Newsletter as I realise many of you do not see the emails I send out for one reason or another. I will now send a link out by text message which you should be able to open right on your smart phone and I'll also send another message by email. Hopefully that will have a much better overall success rate in reaching our club members.

A Big Thanks to all who attended the Summer Camp, it was so good to have the extra time to work with students and see such rapid improvement, especially in those who attended all week. Right from the very youngest to the oldest in the group, a great deal of progress was made. We only had 2 sessions each day, the extra time available made such a positive difference. The rest of the time was allocated to fun activities. The feedback we received from parents was Excellent too. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

We have some additional classes starting in SeptemberYou can check the new Training Schedule here:

There is going to be a slight increase in fees across the board in September too, We have not changed in 4 years, so a little increase was needed. Kids will still receive a new Gi when joining and Free Gradings, belts and certificates. You can see the new pricing structure here:

We are going to introduce a Referral Program to reward those who bring more students into the Club.

We are planning a Free Women's Self Defence Session in September where we'll be covering some of the Essentials of Self Defence, Information and skills that are very useful to have but hopefully never needed. It would be great if you could attend but equally as important, let other people know and encourage them to attend too. Sign up here -

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

See you in class :)
Sensei Malcolm Bale
All the Very Best

Sensei Malcolm
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